I will forever be a learner. A Master’s degree and several years working later, I needed to pick up a hobby so I can pretend to be busy too. Just kidding, I am busy. Are they going to tax me for saying that too? As an act of self-preservation—give full recognition to audre lorde—I decided to launch this blog to take my mind off the labor that comes with being a womxn of color in academia. Or pretty much being a womxn of color in America. Period.

I started this blog because I got tired of pinning “how to” blogs and narratives that do not reflect me. Like seriously, how many recipes am I going to pin or like that exclude spices? Black pepper doesn’t count. A little salt wouldn’t hurt either.

I’m a little salty about that. Anyway.

Social justice is my thing. My blog is primarily written through a critical lens with an emphasis on solidarity. Everything that we all experience is intersectional. If this isn’t your thing, well, you can read something else.

My hope is that this blog can give you some form of empowerment and liberation from your daily life. I’m growing, you’re growing, and we should be in this movement of learning together. Think of it as free professional development, because don’t we all need free PD?

Happy reading, friends!


28 random things about me:

  1. I’m 28. Let’s start there.
  2. I identify as a Hmong American womxn, first-generation college student, straight cisgender womxn, and able-bodied. I’m also very privileged as a petite-bodied person.
  3. By trade and education, I work in student affairs at a large, public state university.
  4. I love what I do. Like seriously love it. My students will tell you that. I love them too.
  5. I am one of five kids. Definitely not the favorite, though.
  6. I’m an extrovert who is secretly becoming an introvert.
  7. My Our dog Sammi/baby girl/Samantha-when-we’re-mad/Sammi Bear is my world. I think my partner thinks I love her more.
  8. Going to the movies isn’t my thing.
  9. I have a Masters of Education plus a graduate certificate in Social Justice in Higher Education.
  10. My parents were refugees. Their struggles and successes are my motivation.
  11. I decided to live in the Mid-West.
  12. I’m the cheapest coffee date.
  13. I will try to bring up StrengthsFinder in every day conversations.
  14. Small talk is really not something I enjoy (even as an extrovert).
  15. I left #TeamiPhone after 6 years and joined #TeamSamsung. Fix your batteries, Apple.
  16. My undergraduate degrees are in digital media art and communication studies.
  17. I remember LiveJournal.
  18. I’ve successfully completed 3 obstacle mud runs, including the Spartan Super.
  19. I am not a mother, but hope to be one day.
  20. I was my best friend’s maid of honor and my partner was the best man.
  21. I don’t buy any luxury name brand items but would gladly accept them as gifts.
  22. My first concert was Lady Gaga.
  23. My last concert was Beyonce.
  24. Colorado is a place where I’d love to call home one day.
  25. Potato chips. I love it so much.
  26. I recently discovered the magic that is Kartwheel.
  27. I’m very short.
  28. My first name translates to “White”. My last name translates to “Land”. Totally not intentional.

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